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Season 2, Episode 7:

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We’re heading back to Sweden on this, the 7th episode of season 2, with a musician who is so good and so charming that we can’t wait for you to hear our interview. 


Alma Caroline Cederlöf, who goes by the nom de plume GRANT, is already a big, big name in her homeland - so much so that her latest album, Truth & Consequences, was recently shortlisted for the Alternative Pop of the Year award at this year’s Swedish Grammis. 


A Stockholmer through and through, the majority of GRANT’s music has come out in English and her command of the language results not only in great lyrics, which shy away from cliches and offer an interesting twist on both familiar and less commonplace themes, but also some pretty fantastic song titles. She has that tricky-to-define star power that rests on a trio of strengths: incredible voice, charisma by the bucketload and a real knack for songwriting.


In our interview, Caroline tells Doron about the very 2023 way she found out about her Grammis nomination, she very kindly explains the whys and wherefores of 3 quintessentially Swedish (and rather popular) music shows on Swedish television – all of which she has previously performed on - and we talk about her joining the band MOR last year and how they came to record an impactful cover version of David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s monster hit, "When Love Takes Over". 


As usual, for every guest artist on the podcast we have a special playlist featuring some of their best tracks. On the GRANT playlist below you can listen to highlights from her discography, including that fantastic cover version and other collaborations with MOR. 

GRANT Playlst
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