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Season 2, Episode 1:
Emilíana Torrini

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Icelandic born and raised, Emilíana Torrini began her music career in the mid-1990s, contributing vocals to the debut album by Icelandic band, Spoon. She went on to release her own debut, a covers album, in 1995. Having subsequently moved to London, she signed a record deal with One Little Indian, home to the likes of Björk, Chumbawamba, Skunk Anansie, Sneaker Pimps and the Sugarcubes. 


In 1999 she released her breakthrough album, Love in the Time of Science, which soon established her reputation as a talented singer, songwriter and live performer. The album featured electronic beats, introspective lyrics and Torrini's powerful vocals, which some compared to Bjork and Kate Bush.


Throughout her career, Torrini has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Belgian duo, The Colorist Orchestra, with whom she has worked on her new album, Racing The Storm, as well as pop icon Kylie Minogue. 'Slow', the chart-topping hit Torrini wrote for Minogue with long-term musical partner, Dan Carey, celebrates its 20th anniversary in Autumn 2023. 


With a career spanning over nearly three decades, Torrini continues to make music that piques the listener's interest. 

Talking to Melody A.M. about her work with The Colonist Orchestra, Torrini says: “It’s the circus I always wished to run away with as a kid”. In this interview, she also reveals that she's been working on two additional new albums, the first of which is due out in 2024. She also recalls what it was like working with Kylie Minogue and what inadvertent sonic quirk might have made 'Slow' the timeless hit it is. 

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