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The Sound of Arrows are a Swedish electropop duo - often compared with Pet Shop Boys at their dreamiest - comprising of Stefan Storm and Oskar Gullstrand. They broke through in 2011 with the album, Voyage, which quickly became a cult hit for the Popjustice generation with its hopeful lyrics, soaring melodies and euphoric hooks. They followed this eventually in 2017 with the album Stay Free, which built on their sound and added a stellar cast of supporting characters, including Annie and Niki and the Dove.


With Oskar focusing on work in film, it’s fair to say that Stefan is the lead player in THE Sound of Arrows and he has his fingers in multiple musical pies, having written with the likes of British legends Richard X and Xenomania, and, in 2020, co-writing and producing Norwegian icon, Annie’s long-awaited comeback album, Dark Hearts.


We caught up with him to chat about his work with THE Sound of Arrows and Annie, as well as the many other collaborations he’s done or has in the pipeline. We’ve also built a playlist of his top tunes, so be sure to check that out BELOW.

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